The curious relationship between your sex life and motivation at work

The curious relationship between your sex life and motivation at work

The curious relationship between your sex life and motivation at work

The curious relationship between your sex life and motivation at work

Austin L. Harper February 13, 2023

Without the stress of going to the office or having to turn on your computer as soon as you wake up, the holidays are a golden period for your sex life (and the rheumy morning fuck proves it).

Because, as much as we would love for our intimate life to be on the one hand, and our work life on the other, without any apparent connection, the two spheres are more related than we think.

“If you are satisfied on a sexual level , it helps you achieve fulfillment in the rest of the areas of your life, including work,” they comment from the toy firm LELO.

So for those who had a New Year’s resolution to blow it up with their projects in 2023, sex is the unexpected ally to achieve your goals.

And the reason is found in dopamine , the hormone that is released during sex and is associated with a feeling of pleasure and relaxation, along with oxytocin, the love hormone.

These two chemical substances produce greater personal satisfaction, making us more focused and concentrated .

It also affects the predisposition when it comes to doing work tasks (reading that email thread is going to cost you much less).

The hormonal consequences of sex in the body usually last approximately 24 hours, which is why the motivation for the day is built in the previous 12 hours, although it is sometimes difficult to synchronize the desire .

It is even associated with a decrease in sick leave due to reducing anxiety (one of the main reasons for requesting this leave) and improving the immune system by increasing defenses.

In summary, a fulfilling sexual life has a direct impact on job satisfaction and commitment to the company .

But, if the opposite happens, that is, if you have stress in the workplace , the desire decreases and you only want to go to bed to sleep and put an end to the day.

The most common thing when we go through a difficult period at the work level is that our intimate life falls to the last place on the list of priorities .

This means that you can’t focus when you’re trying to enjoy yourself or even forget to masturbate .

So maybe instead of keeping an eye on email until the last moment to be productive, the most productive thing is to turn off the phone and have sex (with or without company).

‘Intentional dating’: when you want to meet someone

You may start 2023 enjoying being single , but with things clear: you want to fall in love again, get to know someone seriously, beyond fleeting nocturnal encounters, and see what can happen.

What you want is to switch to Intentional dating or, as my grandmothers, less friends of Anglicisms, would say, “settle down”

The term originated in a French dating app that only allowed one match a day .

Intentional datingThis, which may seem nonsense if we take into account that one of the signs that you have Tinder is that your thumb feels burnt from swipe left and swipe right , it was key when it came to changing user interaction.

And it is that this only opportunity, having a bullet in the ‘loader’ and nothing else, was the way for those who used the application to finally pay more attention to their possible matches .

Intentional dating began to be related to delving deeper into the profile that pops up on the screen and weighing it, without rushing that if it gets ‘lost’ there are infinite other possibilities, if you really want to establish a way of contact with that person person.

And honestly, this change is massive, as it manages to slow down the fast pace of this system, standing up to a fast dating culture where we are jumping from one date to another and consuming people at the speed of a Netflix series.

It does not mean that the person you ‘like’ will become your life partner from that moment on (this app has not yet hit the market).

But you can have a conversation only with her, not having twenty more open until you confuse one name with another, you end up calling “Jorge” “Juan” and you make a joke that was actually with someone else.

How do you know if you are in that moment?
As I said before, for the grandmothers this would be the sign that we are not only ready, but also wanting things to get bigger.

With the certainty that it is a moment in our lives in which we can dedicate ourselves to creating an emotional bond beyond the physical one.

Because jumping into the world of dating with the intention of building and not consuming implies reflecting on how and with whom we spend our time.

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It makes us select more carefully and above all make the meetings go in the direction of continuing, more thoroughly, that first foray into the virtual profile of others (changing it for the live and direct).

To do so, it is necessary to know what you want, for now, since escaping from loneliness is not worth it as a reason for me , since being with one or oneself is a degree that we must take in adult life.

My recommendation is to pull security and let out our way of being with everything, without hiding what causes us insecurity because a former date considered “too intense”, “too sensitive”, “too complex”, “too much”, like that in general .

But dating intentionally is also knowing, if it doesn’t flow or work, when to end it .