Some of the oldest bars in London

Some of the oldest bars in London

Austin L. Harper November 7, 2015

London is famous around the work for so many things and beer is one of those things. Because of this history, you can get so many amazing and very old bars in London. And many people also love to visit these old bars in London to have beers and wine. But if you have no information about oldest bars in London or you wish to know more about it, then here is a small guide that can help you in this requirement in easy manner.

Ye Old Mitre: If you are looking for one of the oldest bars in London then I would guide you to visit the Ye Old Mitre bar. This bar is located in Hallborn area and it as established in 1546. The mot fantastic thing about this bar is that it managed its old fragrance by not having any TV, fruit best bars londonmachines or anything modern that can distract you from your fun. This bar can offer so many other things as well to and if you want to experience those amazing things, then I would guide you to visit this place for that.

The Mayflower: This is another place that is known as one of the oldest bars in London. This bar was established in 1550 and if you would go to this bar for your drinks, then it may guide you to that era. This is also known as one of the oldest bars in London next to Thames River. Although, look of this place is not as old as 450 years, thanks to modern style signage. But still this place look quite good and it can guide you to have the best drinks in easy ways.

Spaniards Inn: just like many old bars in London, this is also very popular among people of London. If you would ask for a nice old bar in London, then they would certainly ask guide you toward this bar. This pub started back in 1585 and since this time it is serving tasty beer and drinks to people of London. I am sure when you would visit this bar, then you would certainly enjoy a nice fun and you will enjoy nice time in easy ways.

Lamb and flag: This bar started back in 1772 and since that all the wine and beer lovers guide other people to try this bar for nice drinks and beer. I would also guide you toward this bar to enjoy

the nice and tasty beer and I am sure when you would go there then you would enjoy the place and drinks both. Good thing about this bar is that it is there in a building that is quite old and that would certainly guide you to a nice time.

These are just few of the old bars in London, but if you would do your research for same, then you would be able to get more details for same. So, I can guide you also to check the internet to find more details about it in easy ways.