People should never have negative or dirty opinion about escorts service

People should never have negative or dirty opinion about escorts service

Austin L. Harper October 13, 2015

Paid dating or escorts service might be not an acceptable subject among many people. Those people can claim this as a dirty business and they can give so many reasons as well for that. I can say if I can deny or accept all those reasons, but I firmly believe there is nothing dirty in escorts erotic and blondeservice. I can say this is just like any other business in which people provide their service to other people against a fixed fee. In escorts service girls offer only companionship to their male clients on various places including dinner, parties or other similar things. In this process, girls never get involved in any kind of services that can be considered as dirty in any ways by normal people.

Few people can claim escorts provide erotic massage or sexy dancing to their client. I do not have any reason to deny this simple fact that some escorts do erotic dance and sensual massage to their clients. But then also I would never say there is anything dirty in this service. If a person wants to have a massage for relaxation, then that person would surely go to a spa and he would get the massage. If that person gets the same service in the spa by some hot and sexy girls, then we cannot claim he is getting the pleasure in an activity that has any kind of involvement by any dirty acts in it. So, having a massage by hot escorts cannot be considered as a dirty thing in any ways.

Erotic dance is another thing that men enjoy with hot and beautiful escorts and many people call it a dirty act. And many time same people goes to a strip club to enjoy the sensual and erotic lap dance by beautiful and hot girls. I may not have enough knowledge to draw a line between dirty and

clean service, but if a person can have this pleasure by a strip dance, then he shall have freedom to enjoy the same pleasure by escorts service as well. We can surely have a debate on this topics and people can have so many points to prove me wrong. But before proving me wrong, they would need to claim that erotic dance in a strip club is also a dirty thing and men should stay away from it. If they can do that, then they could say the same thing for sexy dance by escorts as well.

People can surely come up with so many other things and reasons to claim escorts service as a dirty thing. However, I strongly believe that if a person has a dirty mindset then he would see only negative things in each and everything. As far as escorts work is concerned, they offer companionship services to people along with few other things and there is nothing wrong in these things. But people do not know actual details about their work and they just make baseless assumptions on the basis of myths and then they say negative things about this particular work and girls that do this work.